We want to conserve and preserve as much as we can – for the good of the island, its people and those who will enjoy it in the future. Being sustainable is not just a goal for us, it guides our every day decisions and how we manage La Pari-Pari. It’s an ongoing effort, but we are committed to stay the course.

Our journey so far:

  • Preservation of existing landscape:
    • The Grove is made up of rainforest transplants that were here long before us. The resort was planned and built around them, out of respect for these gentle giants that have long been and will remain as guardians of the land.
  • Re-use of excavated sand
    • Sand excavated for the building of our pool and pond were re-purposed for the plastering of the hotel's walls.
  • The purposeful garden
    • Our grounds are landscaped with a mixture of plants that include edible vegetables and herbs recognised for their healing or insect repellent properties.
  • Optimising nature’s resources
    • Our grounds and rooms are partially illuminated using compact energy saver bulbs and LED lights.

    • Grey water is naturally filtered using the reeds and plants in our pond before being released into the ground.
  • Making the old new
    • We scoured many shops to find pre-loved items that were still in good condition. Some of the furnishing items you see in and around the resort were repurposed from other properties.